001. GOING...GOING... / by Cara Hines

When the going gets tough, the tough follow their dreams. And follow mine, I am.

I suppose every choice we make comes with a tradeoff. I've finally sold my house and (almost) all my worldly possessions. Choosing to maintain what my life consisted of felt like trading my soul for some illusion of security. Following my heart has come with a price as well. But I'd gladly pay that price tenfold for the experiences I've had since letting go. And it's only just begun!

I've always longed to live a life of shameless brazen abundance, exploring this planet we walk upon, and telling stories that ignite a spark in people that brings them to life. In a few days I'll follow my dream across the pond to Italy, France, England, and beyond as I discover bits of a path that's been traveled by hundreds of thousands over the course of more than a millenium. I'll schlep my video and camera gear with me to document my journey and share it with you. I hope you'll join me when you're able.

If the content of this site inspires you, I invite you to share it with your friends. Post your own dreams in the Dialogue discussion board. Encourage others in the pursuit of theirs. This isn't just an account of my trip across the water. It's also a forum created in the spirit of seizing your life as if tomorrow might never happen. Be daring. Life is meant to be lived. Don't just sit there. Get going. 

Well, what are you waiting for?